Slim in 6 | Slim in Six

Getting the Most out of Slim in 6. Here are some tips to help you get the maximum results out of the next 6 weeks.

Slim in 6 Success Tip # 1:

Use common sense. Read all the literature. By reading the Simple Steps to Success booklet, the Step-by-Step Nutrition Guide, and the 6-Day Express Plan, you will be mentally prepared for every single day.

Slim in 6 Success Tip # 2:

What are you waiting for? Start the 2-Day Fast today! Fasting cleanses your body of built-up toxins, kills your cravings, gets your body used to utilizing stored fat as energy, and shrinks your stomach. Do not work out during the fast.

Slim in 6 Success Tip # 3:

Add supplements to your diet. It’s nearly impossible to get all the nutrients you need while staying within your proper caloric zone in today’s fast and processed food environment.  Additional supplementation will ensure that you have all the nutrients your body needs to build itself after an intense exercise.

Slim in 6 Success Tip # 4:

Work out on an empty stomach. You don’t have to work out first thing in the morning (though it’s a good idea to get it out of the way). It just means that your stomach should be empty whey you begin your workout. Wait three hours after eating (longer for excessive meals) before you exercise. This ensures that there is no excess food digesting in your stomach and you have enough stored glycogen to get you through your workout without “bonking” or hitting the energy wall.

Slim in 6 Success Tip # 5:

Start Slow.  Take it easy, even if you feel like you can do more. You want to build up the intensity gradually each day and let your body adapt. If you start too hard, you’ll end up very sore by thrashing your “emergency muscle fibers” and your progress will reverse until you recover, which can take up to two weeks. During the first few workouts you should feel as though you could have pushed a little harder. You’ll still be sore, but it will be a good and manageable soreness. Day 2 should be harder than day 1, day 3 harder than day 2, and so on.

Slim in 6 Success Tip # 6:

Eat a post-exercise snack. Ideally you should have used most of your stored glycogen to finish your workout. In a window between 15 minutes and one hour after exercise, your body is at its peak to absorb nutrients (up to four times better than at any other time).  Eat a small snack during this period that is four parts carbohydrates to one part protein. The high-carb content is because your body wants to replenish its glycogen stores as quickly as possible, which will speed up your recovery and make you less sore. A little protein kick starts muscle resynthesis as well. Keep this snack very light, under 300 calories, and it should allow you to recover and keep you from getting hungry until you eat a proper meal, two or three hours later.

Slim in 6 Success Tip # 7:

Add weight resistance. Just because it’s a slimming program doesn’t mean you should be afraid to lift as much weight as possible. You should increase weight resistance throughout the program, as you get stronger. The theory behind Slim Training ensures that the volume and intensity of the program will keep you slimming down, so you want to lift as much weight as you can.

Slim in 6 Success Tip #8:

Ease up when sore. Occasionally you will overdo it, under-eat, or under sleep, and your body will break down to the point where it’s exhausted. This state is called being over trained. Bo looking for its onset, you can often counteract it before it gets you down. If you are having a difficult time with workouts that were easy days before, back off a bit. Maybe take a day of two and do Start it Up in place of Ramp it Up, or Ramp it Up in place of Burn it Up. Don’t feel like you’re going backwards; you’re not. These easier days will allow the excessive microtrauma you’ve incurred to heal and you should be raring’ to go again in no time.

Slim in 6 Success Tip # 9:

Do Slim & Limber daily. A daily dose of Slim & Limber may be just what the doctor ordered to help you recover to your body’s maximum potential. Get in the habit of stretching whenever you get a second: in front of the TV, waiting in line, when you first wake up, and before you go to bed. A few minutes in the morning and at night can give you a whole new lease on life, especially during Slim in 6.

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