Imagine that a powerful and wealthy corporation asked you to create the healthiest meal possible. How would you do it? With so many incredible fruits, veggies and sources of protein available, which would you choose? With a limited amount of space available in which to pack all these nutrients into one meal, what form would yours take? A plate of whole food? A distilled powder, a pill? From where would you get your vitamins and minerals? Your antioxidants, phytochemicals, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, protein, and fiber? What would the sources be? How many calories would be optimum? Feeling overwhelmed? You might very well be. Luckily Beachbody turned to Darin Olien to answer all of these questions—something he was eminently qualified to do. And the final product was Shakeology.

Darin Olien is a German nutritionist/exercise physiologist/psychologist who has been exploring the fields of health, healing, nutrition and exercise for over fifteen years. From the maca root fields of Peru to the mountain plateau’s of the Himalayas to the Amazon Basin, Darin has spent years searching out the most potent and beneficial herbs, roots, fruits and vegetables in the world, querying indigenous peoples on ancient remedies as well as applying the latest scientific techniques on analyzing what he found. He has been hired to aid nations like Bhutan, worked with top institutions like the International Potato Center of Peru and the alongside such luminaries as Dr. Bernd Neugebauer from the International Organic Federation based in the Yucatan region.

Which is why when approached by Beachbody to create ‘the healthiest meal of the day’, he sat back and ran through the very same questions posed in the introduction of this article. What followed was three years of formulating the most potent and delicious shake possible (two things which are actually in quite strong opposition). Drawing on his international network of thousands of farmers who raise their crops according to the highest standards, Darin analyzed the American diet, and simply asked what of the most essential nutrients we were becoming the most deficient in due to our modern diet. He then went out, collected those and distilled them into the product we now call Shakeology.

With over 70 ingredients, Shakeology reads like the wish list of every nutritionist out there. Sacha Inchi, maca root, acai berries, camu-camu powder, astralagus powder, blue green algae, spirulina, yacon, flax, gingko powder, blueberry, pomegranate, acerola—the list goes on and on, a stunning collection of superfruits, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, enzyme blends, minerals, whey protein and carbs. And all for only 150 calories, in either Greenberry or Chocolate flavor.

Too good to be true? Almost. As a meal replacement, it will cost you about $3/serving, and is gluten/caffeine free, has no sugars or artificial sweeteners, provides health-supporting chlorophylls, polphenols, prebiotics and proanthocyanins. It’s a stunning collection, and with Shakeology, you truly have a world of nutrition at your fingertips.