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Insanity Workout Articles

Insanity Vs P90X – Which One Is Tougher?

On one side you have Shaun T and his INSANITY crew, leaping and lunging and sweating and doing football drills non-stop in their basketball gym. On the other side you have Tony Horton and his test group, drilling each muscle group at a brutal rate, practicing kempo and yoga, lifting weights and doing pull ups. Both are billed as extreme, both are said to be the most intense work out ever put on DVD-but which is really the toughest? If you want the ultimate challenge, which should you do?

Just How Hard is the Insanity Fitness Test?

The INSANITY workout program by Shaun T is based on the concept of Max Interval Training, where he inverts the traditional concept of brief periods of high intensity exercise with long moments of low intensity such that you kill yourself for extended periods of time with only slight breaks. This results in your body working anaerobically for these longer durations as you exceed your VO2max capabilities. The consequence? Extreme results as your body is forced far out of its comfort zone and asked to perform at a level that is the equivalent of red lining a car. Does this sound right for everybody? Of course not, which is why INSANITY is marketed only for advanced athletes. But how do you know if you’re an ‘advanced athlete’? The INSANITY Fitness test is the answer.

P90X Vs Insanity – Which Is Best?

I get asked this question everyday. Which is better, P90X or the Insanity Workout? Which will give me the results I need? A little thought quickly reveals this question as impossible to answer without a few qualifications. Think about it: depending on your goals, body composition and workout experience, you’ll do better with one or the other. What I end up doing is giving a clear list of what each workout is good at, and then letting the person figure out if that’s what they’re looking for. I’m going to do that right here, spell out the differences, and let you guys answer that question for yourselves.

How To Cheat At Shaun T’s Insanity

“Wah wah wah,” everybody cries. “The INSANITY workout is too tough. INSANITY chewed me up and spat me out a broken shell of a man.” Oh, come on. Anybody can do INSANITY, and I’m going to tell you how. It’s true, fine, I’ll concede that if you do INSANITY in the manner that Shaun T expects, you’ll probably look like road kill by the end of the workout. But who says you have to do it that way? Here’s how to get through the sixty days of INSANITY without even breaking a sweat.

Will The Insanity Workout Break You?

It’s a simple fact that everybody who begins to work out over estimates their capabilities. Practiced, professional athletes can gauge their levels of preparedness, while rank novices always think they are more advanced, knowledgeable and talented than they really are. The end result is injury, burn out, dejection, and scores of novices quitting before they’re a couple of months in. Skeptical? Think of the New Year Resolvers, hitting the gyms right now as this article comes out. In a month most of them will have quit. The reason? Probably because they bit off more than they could chew. Insanity is an incredibly tough program. Are you making the same mistake by choosing to start this workout? Are you in for a world of hurt, pain, and ultimate defeat, or will you complete the 60 days and accomplish a total body transformation?

Is Insanity Legit?

I’m sure you’ve seen the promo videos by now. Shaun T and about fifteen athletes in a basketball gym, performing ridiculously hard circuits of cardio and plyometrics for about 40 minutes per workout, promising that if you follow the program you’ll have a total body transformation within 60 days. Is this program a legitimate, serious workout that is worth investing money, time and effort in? Is this program for real? I’m going to take a hard, serious look at what the program entails and promises, and give it an honest assessment.