What are Supersets?

Pull Up Chin UpEverybody has at some time or another been strapped for time, running late, on the go, and yet still having to find a way to fit in a good workout. So you’re faced with two options: simply skip your workout, claiming that you don’t have the time, or find a way to squeeze in as much exercise as you can into your narrow window of opportunity. Since nobody likes a quitter, what’s the best way to squeeze in your regular workout? One popular method is called Supersetting, and it’s as fast as it is effective. And what, pray tell, is that? Well, read on for all you need to know 😉

Should You Use an EZ Curl Bar?

EZ Bar CurlIf you’ve spent any time in a commercial gym, you’ll inevitably have run across weird, malformed pieces of metal that other people seem to think are normal pieces of equipment. This ranges from a host of different grips for cable exercises (strange triangles, V’s of knotted rope, knurled bars only a foot long) and barbells that seem to have been run over by strange tractors, their forms all bent and warped. What are all these bizarre devices, and should you investigate them further, learn how to use them? One in particular gets a lot of usage, and that’s the EZ Curl Bar, the warped and twisted barbell. You’ll see people doing bicep curls with them all day long. Should you?

Building a Better Butt with One Key Move

Better BootyWhile there’s not much you can do to your face without the help of a surgeon, you can definitely change the shape of your posterior through exercise and diet. By just adding one little exercise to your routine, you can enhance the attractiveness of your butt, and that exercise is the Romanian Deadlift, or RDL.