Tony Horton @ the FIU Recreational Expo

FIU and Tony HortonSo it’s Friday, and I’m finally back at work. These past few days have been a whirlwind of P90X, meeting people, discussing fitness, promoting Beachbody and having a blast. Our team managed to pull everything off with smooth efficiency, and we celebrated last night with a large dinner, everybody at once proud of all our work and glad that it was over. Who would have thought sponsoring and running such events would be so tiring? When the adrenaline finally wears off, you’re left thinking: Wow. How did I just do all that?

Tony Horton to be Keynote Speaker at EFR Sponsored FIU Recreation Expo

FIU and Tony Horton
Extreme Fitness Results is proud to announce that it is sponsoring Tony Horton to come be the Keynote Speaker and lead an exclusive workout for the Florida International University’s Biscayne Bay Campus Recreation Expo 2010. The Expo is being held on September 1, 2010 from 10am-2pm, and will showcase the FIU Recreation Department, all of their sponsors, health screenings, diet/nutrition sessions, giveaways, free massages and more. But of course the heart of this year’s Expo will be Tony Horton, live on stage motivating people both with words and with his workout!