The INSANITY Workout is considered an extreme workout. It is not meant for beginners, or even for people at an intermediate stage. Shaun T himself advises people to consult with their doctors before attempting it, and states that the intense level of cardio, plyometrics and calisthenics will challenge even incredibly fit and athletic individuals. In order to help you determine if you are physically prepared to undertake the INSANITY Workout, the program comes with a Fit Test with which to gauge your suitability.

The Fit Test is simple. Shaun T leads you through a basic warm up, and then explains each of the eight exercises that you have to perform. You are given a minute in which to complete the maximum number of reps possible for each, and get to watch the two Test Group subjects Chris and Tonya also complete the Test.

The Fit Test serves two purposes. The first is to help you determine if you are ready to undertake INSANITY. If you have difficulty with the Warm Up, or are unable to complete the Fit Test, or find your results to be far behind those of Chris or Tonya, than you know that you’re not yet ready for INSANITY. Don’t get down on yourself-this workout program is meant to be challenging to the most physically fit of people. There are a number of other Beachbody programs you can try, and then when you have built up your conditioning, you can come back to INSANITY.

The second purpose is that the Fit Test will allow you to gauge your progress over the course of the workout. You must keep track of your results, and every two weeks Shaun T will have you take the exact same test again. This way you can see for yourself how your fitness level is improving, by tracking the gain in numbers over time.

The Warm Up

Never skip the warm up. First you do a 15 second jog, light and easy. Then you phase into 25 seconds of Jumping Jacks. Then the side to side jumps known as the Heisman, and without a break right into the 1-2-3 Heisman’s. After that, you go right into Butt Kicks, getting your heels up so that you’re almost kicking your own butt. From there you transition into High Knees, raising the knees high above the hip, and then into Mummy Kicks, kicking your feet out, arms waving back and forth.  And with that, you’re done.

Now, take a close look at yourself. If that warm up clobbered you, then you might need to reassess your preparation levels. If you feel good, warmed up, if your breathing is fine, and you’re not panting, then you’re in good shape.



Shaun T is a huge proponent of stretching. He does a mix between classic track and field stretching blended with some yoga moves. The stretch is brief, not nearly as long as you’ll be getting in the regular workouts, so make the most of it, get your breath back, because you’re going to need it.

Main Workout

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