FOCUS T25 – The Hottest Way to Burn Fat, FAST

It’s a fast paced world. We’re getting busier every day, with obligations and responsibilities mounting up. On the go from dawn to dusk, we’re fighting to find time to exercise, to push our bodies, to maintain our health. Juggling family, work, sleep, and rest, it can sometimes feel impossible to squeeze in even a little exercise as we look at our long list of priorities. Well, Shaun T has the answer for you: Focus T25. All you need to do is exercise five times a week for under half an hour each time, and you will reap enormous benefits as you jack up your metabolism, torch calories, and tone those muscles.

Who is Shaun T?

Shaun T is best known for his extreme INSANITY Workout, which shocked the fitness world with both its unprecedented intensity – and it’s unprecedented results. Using Max Interval Training, Shaun T found a way to help push even more burn in under 45 minutes, resulting in a workout that caused fat to melt of your body like never before. The trick was to push you at your maximum effort for the duration of the workout, with only tiny little 30 second breaks interspersed between sets. You would exercise in the red zone for two straight minutes, take a break, and then do another 3 minutes at that level.

How is Focus T25 Different From Insanity?

Insanity was on average 45 minutes long, and was a three month program. It featured a long warm-up, a stretching period, followed by the main workout and a cool down. T25 is going to condense all that into 25 minutes. Further, Insanity only featured your body weight as the sole source of resistance – calisthenics was the name of the game. Focus T25 features resistance bands and free weights, which is a huge departure and will allow Shaun T to add extra burn.

How Effective Can 25 Minutes Be?

Incredibly effective. For how long can you hold an all out sprint? The secret to T25 is that there are no breaks. No 30 second breathers to take a sip of water. No downtime at all. Instead, once you press PLAY, you will be on the go for the whole duration. 25 minutes at extreme intensity level will be more than you can handle – Shaun T will see to that!

What Kind of Workouts Will T25 Feature?

Everything about T25 will be high intensity. From anaerobic cardio and calisthenics to weight lifting and plyometrics, Shaun T is taking the latest and most advanced compound exercises and piling them in one after the other so that you will be operating in the red zone for the whole workout. You will see some classic moves from Insanity combined with a whole new range of combinations with one guiding purpose behind them: to help you torch calories and condition your muscles in the shortest and most efficient manner possible.

Watch out – Shaun T is back!