Warm Up

First you warm up with some shoulder swings, moving from side to side, and then progress into some deep squats, which morph in turn into squatting jacks. Keep warming up the glutes and arms, move into some running drills, some jumping jacks, and then it’s time for your first fire drill.


These are crazy, and you explode through a variety of moves in just one minute. It’s impossible to describe just what is done in it, but it includes a lot of leaping, a lot of leaping jumping jacks, punching and frenetic activity.

From there you throw yourself right back into a second fire drill, repeating the same moves and pushing as hard as you can. With only 11 minutes left in the clock you go back into your THIRD fire drill, punching, leaping and exploding into action.

Finally you move into some different moves, and then burn into your FOURTH drill, this one involving lots of leaping, lunges and lateral moves. Luckily they’re only 35 seconds long! Right after that you do your FIFTH drill, the same as the 4th. Take a moment to catch your breath, and then do your SIXTH fire drill, hang in there, bust it out! A little more warm up moves, and then  you know it: time for the SEVENTH drill, this one involving lots of leaping and side punches.

Another break, and you’re into you EIGHTH drill, will this madness never stop? Apparently not, because after another 30 second break you do your NINTH fire drill, and now you can finally rest, take a break, if regular Turbo Fire can be considered that!

You’re out of the fire drills, so back it goes to punching from side to side, rocking from foot to foot, dropping down into squats, basically the same warm up but now serving as a cool down. Lunge from side to side, and you’re done!

Stretch 10

This is a quick session, and is best done so as to prevent soreness the next day. It’s the same stretch every time, the same 10 minutes of careful stretching to ensure you don’t get hurt or sore through all this intense activity. Follow Chalene and enjoy!