Third Week Slump: The Hardest Part of the Workout

Third Week SlumpI see it over and over and over again. Scores of people line up to begin a health and fitness challenge. Whether it’s acting on a New Year’s Resolution at the beginning of January or a sudden resolve to undertake the Insanity Workout, people get fired up, impatient, determined to get radical results today. They can’t wait, they’ve got the fever, they need to start as badly as drowning people need to breath. But then, a few weeks later, they’re done. Stop cold. Endless number of people go through this pattern. So what’s going on?

What To Do When You Quit

Tired AthleteThe message is always the same: Never Give In, Never Surrender. Work through the pain, tough it out, walk it off. Dig deeper, bring it, be all that you can be. But sometimes life intervenes, sometimes events go awry, and you just have to stop. An injury, a new job routine that hogs all your time, a complete implosion of your willpower, a failure to get the results you needed to stay motivated, something comes along and you find yourself unable to get out of bed and do your workout. What do you do then?

Body weight vs body composition

body compositionOne of the questions we get the most from people trying our extreme workouts like P90X or Insanity is why they haven’t dropped as much weight as they had hoped. Three, four weeks into the workout program, and they’re standing on the scale, looking down at the numbers with a mixture of resignation and defeat as they see that they haven’t changed as much as they had hoped. Despite the work, the sweat, the effort and careful eating, the pounds haven’t fallen off like water. Are they doing something wrong? In fact, they are. They’re focusing on the wrong thing.

Who Is Fitter: Conan the Barbarian or King Leonidas?

Conan vs King LeonidasIf you want to look at the greatest warriors ever portrayed on film, the most heroic fighters with blade and shield, the ultimate paragons of fitness, strength, agility, tenacity and the almost inhuman ability to keep going when all others have dropped, you need look no further than Conan the Barbarian or King Leonidas. Both men have become iconic, paragons of male power and brutality, washed in blood and standing defiant atop mountains of bodies. But which was the fittest? Which man would trump the other? In today’s blog post we examine their strengths and weaknesses, and reach what can only be a controversial verdict.

Health Benefits of Yoga

yogathumbI’ve recently begun to practice Vinyasa Flow yoga, going a couple of times during the week for hour and a half classes and awakening my body to its old flexibility and strength. Given how great I’ve been feeling every time I leave class, I’ve been wondering of late what the actual health benefits are. Some quick research has revealed a host of them, and as you may have guessed, I’m going to share them here. Perhaps this post will alert those who have not taken a yoga class as to unexpected benefits, or simply confirm that what current practitioners already know, but either way, I hope you find it as fascinating an array as I do!

How To Do A Pull Up

Pull Up Chin UpThere are certain standard exercises that are classics. The push-up, the crunch, the chin-up. Each one has been performed and perfected for years, and is abandoned for the latest fad and then returned to when wisdom prevails. Each requires no piece of fancy equipment, and relies instead on gravity and your body weight. Today let’s take a closer look at the chin-up, and ask a few basic questions. Why do them? What are the benefits? What do you do if you can’t even do one? Is there a way to perfect your form, and what common mistakes should you be looking out for?

Don’t Take It Sitting Down – Standing And Health

Sitting DownMaybe you’re a fire jumper, riding helicopters into the heart of blazing infernos, where you run around putting your life on the line to put the blaze out. Or a professional marathon runner, exercising day in and day out, racking up the miles and the awards. Or a cop, working your beat, or a nurse, on your feet through the graveyard shift. But, most likely, you’re not. You’re an office worker, reading this on your office computer, in your chair where you spend eight hours a day. No judgment! I too work in an office all day long. However, you and I should look out-recent studies show that spending your day seated has a high correlation with a radically increased chance of heart disease. So, unless you actually are a fire jumper, read on and learn what you can do about it!

Legal Ways To Cheat/Enhance Athletic Performance

Sun Vitamin D Are there natural means to breaking through plateaus and realizing your full potential? For now, hold off on the horse steroids, and read on. Maybe the next few words on the often overlooked athletic benefits to supplementing your diet with Vitamin D and latte’s could change your life.

Is The Roof On Fire? No, It’s Your Body

What triggers chronic inflammatory response? How exactly does it damage our body? And most importantly, what can we do about it? Read on as The Trammps and I seek to elucidate the dangers and remedies to this lethal condition.

How To Beat The Vending Machine

What to buy? How to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck, nutritionally speaking? Read on if you wish to learn how to navigate the perilous innards of the vending machine, those dangerous sources of empty calories, high sugar content and trans fat.